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Selecting the appropriate partners to tackle complex issues, manage confidential information, or drive transformative change is critical. With Lecroma's expertise and best-practice methods, we offer strategic and practical support for your project.  You will work closely with the directors, with experience ranging from grassroots initiatives to high-level national and international projects. 

We are solutions-focussed people with a strong values-driven work ethic. We are discreet, empathetic, and attuned to the commercial, political, and emotional climates of your project. Working with us is more than a professional interaction; it is a productive partnership.

Why us?

We conduct comprehensive research and provide precise assessments to inform decision-making, using industry best practices and innovative methodologies.

Research and

Our team excels in designing effective, sustainable systems and governance structures that drive efficiency and performance. We focus on strategic alignment, ensuring that every design element supports overarching goals and objectives.

Strategy and

We take a proactive approach to project management and oversight. Our rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes ensure that projects stay on track, maintain quality standards, and deliver the intended outcomes. Lecroma is also highly experienced in delivering independent review and evaluation services for programs and organisations.

Monitoring and

We pride ourselves on our ability to foster meaningful connections. Lecroma implements impactful communication strategies, ensures high levels of stakeholder engagement, and promotes active participation to achieve consensus and shared understanding. This capability extends to public relations campaigns and advocacy plans.

Communication and

Our difference

See how we apply our unique skills to get real results with clients around the world 

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