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Lecroma draw on a diverse range of experiences from outside the consultancy sector, to provide our clients with practical, tangible, and measurable outcomes. We provide tailored solutions to complex challenges – no two engagements are the same. Find out more about our key staff and collaborators below.


Lecroma is the outcome of two highly experienced professionals, Greg Ley and Meghan Cropley, leaving their long federal government careers to take their specialist knowledge directly to clients and communities. 

Greg and Meghan are passionate about providing their expertise to design sustainable and impactful outcomes both in Australia and internationally. 

With knowledge and experience covering law, justice, psychology, sustainability, international politics, research, stakeholder engagement and national security, Greg and Meghan bring together a unique and complimentary breadth of skills to help resolve challenging projects and deliver meaningful change. 

Our story

Our team

  • With a career steeped in the complex dynamics of the national security sector, Greg has established himself as a strategic leader in Australia. Over a decade of service, he has spearheaded key initiatives in volatile and conflict-affected environments, showcasing a deft understanding and application of both qualitative and quantitative research methods to navigate multicultural landscapes.

    Particularly noteworthy is his role with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) where he orchestrated policies and programs in the Indo-Pacific region, a tenure marked with the receipt of the AFP Assistant Commission’s Certificate of Excellence in 2021-22. Greg has also significantly contributed to Australia’s Foreign Policy, steering critical advice within governmental technical working groups, and playing a pivotal role in policy proposals and monitoring arrangements.

    Greg is passionate about creating environments that support change, and collaborating with individuals and organisations to solve complex and impactful issues across the globe.


    • Postgraduate certificate of Studies (Strategic Studies/National Security Policy), Australian National University

    • Bachelor of Asia Pacific Security Analysis (minor in Economics), Australian National University

    • Extensive range of short courses in policy, security and conflict, strategy and governance, impact assessment, international development, sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, and critical analysis.

  • Meghan is a professional with a rich background in law, psychology, and international justice development. She has been deeply involved with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), shaping high-impact programs predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region. With a keen interest in qualitative and quantitative research, Meghan employs a compassionate and analytical approach, weaving individual narratives into public policy, and is recognised for cultivating enduring relationships in complex and diverse environments.

    With a portfolio that bears testimony to her commitment to a safer, equitable future, Meghan has played pivotal roles in evaluating and guiding programs around the world.  From leading the Evaluation of the Pacific Transnational Crime Network, to facilitating reforms through consultations with the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police, her efforts have continually fostered transparency, accountability, and cooperation in the region.


    Closer to home, Meghan has steered social impact assessments for renewable projects, working closely with communities, including Aboriginal and First Nations groups, to ensure the creation of symbiotic frameworks of benefit and growth.


    • Master of Clinical Psychology, Charles Sturt University

    • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Central Queensland University

    • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University

    • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws, Deakin University

    • Australasian Evaluation Society member

    • Extensive range of short courses in policy, security and conflict, strategy and governance, international development, monitoring and evaluation, and critical analysis.

  • Clea brings over fifteen years of experience in sustainability and biodiversity conservation to Lecroma, working both in Australia and internationally. Clea's specialties include grant management, environmental law and policy development. Having worked in both non-government organisations and state and national government agencies across Australia, the Pacific and Indonesia, Clea has broad experience and expertise.


    Clea's work experience brings a deep understanding of government and political systems to the table for Lecroma's clients. This includes legislative and budget processes, and navigating the internal machinations of all levels of government. Copywriting, research and communication skills, and extensive experience with stakeholder engagement are also part of Clea's value proposition for clients. Clea believes genuine, culturally appropriate stakeholder collaboration and co-design are critical to simultaneously achieving environment protection and social harmony.


    • Master of Environmental Law, Newcastle University (2022)

    • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Studies, Macquarie University (2014)

    • Graduate Certificate in Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney (2010)

    • Bachelor of Arts in Politics (Honours I), Macquarie University (2009)

    • United Nations Institute for Training and Research Certificate - Government Approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction, Newcastle University (2021)

    • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate, North Coast Institute of TAFE (2008)

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