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Lecroma is a boutique Australian consultancy firm. Our genesis is decades of experience in the Australian national security, international development and sustainability sectors. We work with domestic and international organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Shaping a resilient future

Lecroma provides organisations technical, management and advisory services. We support project delivery through best practice collaborative and systematic approaches. In a world where change is constant and time is critical, we specialise in navigating sensitive conflict-affected situations efficiently and effectively.



Lecroma works with both private and public sector organisations providing technical, management, and advisory services across Australia and internationally. As specialised consultants, we deliver end-to-end support, from project inception through to design, implementation, and development of robust performance oversight and evaluation systems. We are experts in stakeholder engagement processes, fostering mutual understanding and evidence-based decision-making for better project outcomes.

We work on large-scale renewable energy development projects, like wind and solar, bringing our expertise and innovative thinking in stakeholder engagement to advance sustainable practices. This includes providing social impact assessment services and delivering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory services.


Renewable energy and sustainability

We support regional development initiatives across rural Australia, leveraging our roots in these communities to foster growth and prosperity. We take a considered and balanced approach to challenging projects, understanding multiple perspectives through best-practice consultation. We then offer clients pragmatic and informed strategies to navigate projects that impact Australia’s unique rural and regional areas.


Regional development

We provide advisory services to government and non-government organisations, using our significant experience in the national security and international development sectors to deliver bespoke solutions to complex strategic policy and project problems. For example, we design data collection and analysis systems, manage stakeholder engagement processes and communcations, and evaluate programs.


International development and national security 

Lecroma delivers tailored, evidence-based stakeholder engagement, to help inform and implement all types of projects or policies. Our engagement method is built on the latest research from the fields of communication and psychology and is adapted to apply to the project context. Working within affected communities, we help clients build social licence for projects, meet regulatory obligations, and be competitive in their industry. 


Stakeholder  engagement

Case studies

To understand how Lecroma applies its expertise to the real world, read our case studies.

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